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Join the team

Creating software is fun. At least, it should be. We are passionate about helping organizations through great software and we are looking for talented people to join us. At Georadix, everyone has a huge impact on the success of the group. We're building a small, enthusiastic team of exceptional individuals where each person is given the freedom to be creative and input into the decision making process.

In our team members, we look for passion, honesty, a love of technology, care for the user experience, and pride in the work they do. We also hope to find people who rise to the challenge, have an interest in anything geospatial, are comfortable wearing many hats, and have a good sense of humour.

Even the simplest task can become difficult when you don't have the right tools. That's why we let you pick your computer and desk setup to suit your needs and preferences. You also get to:​

  • Develop leading-edge applications for the cloud.

  • Work with modern tools and frameworks.

  • Create beautiful mobile-friendly interactive maps.

  • Build features end-to-end.

  • Learn and apply the latest software methodologies.

Feel up to the challenge?

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