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Mapbox is a mapping platform powered by live location data.  It enables developers and designers to create interactive visualizations, craft beautiful responsive maps for web and mobile devices, or provide real-time routing optimizations and turn-by-turn navigation.

As a Mapbox partner, Georadix focuses on guiding organizations through their adoption of the Mapbox platform. Whether you are transitioning from another platform or starting a new project, we recognize the importance of selecting the right technology as well as the impact of such a decision. Our deep understanding of geospatial analytics and its application to a wide-range of industries can help you navigate this process and ensure a smooth transformation.

Explore. Move. Connect.


Mapbox provides you with the map design tools and mapping libraries needed to make dynamic, performant, and customized maps that suit your needs. With global coverage and many supported platforms, make all your apps shine with beautiful maps.


Using search and geocoding capabilities built to power the world's largest companies, you can give your users location context by turning their GPS coordinates into city and place names, or place names into coordinates on the map.


Obtain traffic-aware turn-by-turn instructions for driving, bicycling and walking, or optimize the itinerary of complex, multi-stop trips on top of high-contrast maps designed for day and night time driving in embedded auto, mobile, and web scenarios.

Data visualization

Make more informed decisions and get actionable insights from your geospatial data by running dynamic in-app analytics and creating compelling visualizations using heatmaps, isochrones, clusters, choropleths, 3D maps, and more.

Your partner for success


As a trusted adviser, Georadix leverages its geospatial expertise to offer best practices and optimize your experience with Mapbox.

Licensing guidance

Our team will carefully review your use case in order to obtain licensing that is in line with your current needs and future growth.

Developer support

Whether you require initial training to get your team comfortable or end-to-end application development and project management, we have you covered.

Ready to get started?

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