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Whether you're looking to integrate new services, migrate an existing software system, or build a custom application from scratch, the cloud offers opportunities that are worth serious consideration. Geospatial big data, Internet of things (IoT), business intelligence (BI), and blockchain solutions, for example, can all benefit from the many advantages of cloud computing.


Dynamically allocate resources to match performance requirements and partition systems into distinct components that can be adjusted independently, embracing microservices where applicable.

Cost effectiveness

Offload the burden of buying and maintaining IT-related hardware and software through flexible pricing models or take it a step further by only paying for what you use through serverless computing.

High availability

Access all your services, tools, and data anytime, anywhere, and protect yourself from hardware failures and regional outages using highly reliable infrastructure with local and geographic redundancy.


Safeguard virtually any workload and protect your data, apps, and infrastructure by taking advantage of privacy and compliance policies as well as services that help identify and respond rapidly to threats.

Microsoft Azure cloud
AWS cloud
Docker containers
Kubernetes orchestration

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